Lately I've been growing my MaxFactor collection. These are my recent favorites.
 /CC cream in 40 Fair, 2000 Calorie mascara in black, Flawless Perfection Blush in 220 Classic Rose/
I love to give drugstore makeups a go. Test them out and see for myself if I prefer the high-end stuff more than I do drugstore. Also they are cheaper and it's easier to move from one product to next if you get bored quickly. This is how, more or less a year ago, I ended up buying my first ever MaxFactor product - the 2000 Calorie mascara. As I have enjoyed using the Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara and Lancome's Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body mascara I knew I loved that kind of style of brush. So when I saw, in my local drugstore, the MaxFactor's 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Volume and Curl mascara on sale I thought to myself - oh why not give it a go. And to this day I've been using only this mascara (well not precisely the same mascara, I'm using the 5th one, I think). It doesn't give my credit card a workout, it gives my lashes decent amount of volume and it doesn't smudge. Though it's not waterproof, but for me it's not a big problem.
After enjoying the mascara I though why not give other MaxFactor products a go. The next ones were the foundations. But as my skin has been really good over the spring and summer (I hope I won't jinx it now) I picked up their CC cream. It was my first ever CC cream of any kind as I really wasn't sold with the L'oreal ones. But with this one I had a  gut feeling that I must try it out (always trust your gut) and well I've been using it every day since August. It blends in beautifully and gives decent amount of coverage leaving you with a healthy looking glow.
The blush has been the most recent addition to my MaxFactor collection. It is very pigmented so you have to be careful when you first apply it, so you don't turn out looking like a clown (talking from experience). Otherwise a beautiful shade that can be worn throughout all of the seasons.
Do you have a favorite MaxFactor product?

Photos by me