It all starts with an idea. Or this particular time - with the fabric and the need of a new dress.
Same old story that seems to be repeating itself (it happened again this past week) - I find myself in one of my favorite fabric stores, I find a fabric I can't leave behind, I buy it and then I store it. Then some time passes, I rediscover it - and an idea of a garment slowly comes to life. 
When I start making a new dress, top, skirt etc. I always think - oh this is going to be ready in no time. Well, to be honest, it happens rarely - only when I decide that I need to take it with me on a trip, like it happened with this and this skirt. Most of the times it just hangs in my closet half finished because either the gnome of laziness has possessed me or I can't seem to find spare time (I blame you youtube and tumblr for that). 
Anyway a new dress is hanging in my closet now. Of course it could have ended up a little better, but I'm still trying to figure out that whole pattern/fit etc. thing. You can see the dress in yesterdays post here.