September is here (actually in full swing) and after this hot summer we have also been gifted with one of the best Indian summers I have experienced.
 Alksne dress, New Yorker faux leather vest, Reserved bag, Zara boots, H&M bracelet, New Look bracelet
I prefer the "between season" more than I do summer or winter. It's that time right before and right after summer - when it's cold enough to not melt away in couple of light layers of clothes, yet warm enough to leave your coat at home in the light hours of the day. I wish it lasted longer. 
The weather was extra nice yesterday, so I decided to pair my just finished faux silk dress with one of my most loved clothing items - New Yorker faux leather vest to keep me warm enough. And of course my Reserved bag (how will I ever find a good enough replacement when it's good days will be over???) and let's not forget the Zara boots that I think I have finally managed to wear in (though I still sound like a cowboy when I walk (it's the chains)).
Photos by Līva Bambale