Every season there are couple of statement pieces that I like to invest my money in. As of right now looks like I can cross out the hat and the coat from the list.
 H&M coat, jeans, necklace, rings, Primark top, Asos boots, Reserved hat
Every season I tend to make a list of things I would like to find/buy to wear the following season. It basically is the same list, the only thing that changes is me trying to find a different kind of hat/coat/boots etc. I don't have.  
For me, in autumn, the key pieces are the hat, the coat and the boots - the rest you can borrow from the previous seasons, layer them up, wear in different combinations etc. 
I usually have problems finding things I genuinely like. There is always something off. Something that I wish was differently made, cut. But this hat and coat basically fell into my arms. Both of them were bought in minutes after seeing them in the store. Saw it, tried it on, bought it. No second thinking. The perfect match. Now the tricky part - the boots. Let's see how the hunting will go with them.
What is your autumn statement piece/s? 
Photos by Līva Bambale