Can't believe it took me so long to finally cave in and get them, considering how long I've been lusting for them.
 /In order: detailer brush, contour brush, buffing brush, pointed foundation brush/
I had been ogling them on amazon and calculating how much they would cost with all the shipping for a while now. I heard from my sister that she had seen the kit in Stockman, so I was curious and just wanted to have a look (yeah right). So before getting flowers, strawberries and other veggies from the farmers market (that actually was the only Sunday mornings goal), I just made a little pit-stop in Stockman's makeup department. And there they were in all their glory. One look at them and the price (cheaper that on amazon+shipping = wooohooo!!!!) and it was like Yup, come to mamma! 
So far I've tried them only once, but I'm already hooked. The difference between the ones I've used so far from drugstores with these - well you can't really compare. All I want to do is sit in front of my mirror and put on makeup, then take it off and do it all over again. With hq brushes there is such a difference to your end result. Probably not so big when far a way, but in closeup - most definitely. 
They are easy to use. It felt like they were doing the job in my place. Also it's very handy to check out Sam's and Nic's beauty chanel that has lots and lots of tutorials.
Now I just have to start building up my collection. And surprise, surprise I have already in mind my next purchase. Can you guess what's next on my wishlist?

Photos by me