After seeing snippets from their AW14 collection do I really need to find more reasons 
for a trip to UK? I don't think so.
When I used to live in Brighton I was quite addicted to Primark. Unfortunately back then I wasn't a smart shopper and I bought loads of clothes that now serve more or less as pajamas or home clothes. The only things that have stayed are most of the jewelry, bags and jeans. But to my defense - back then (4 years ago (ok, now I'm going to get a meltdown for how fast time has passed by, because it feels like I left UK almost yesterday)) their products weren't on the same level as they are now. I mean - look at the photos. I would have never guessed that these photos are from a Primark campaign. And I bet this is only a small part of all the goodness that will be in stores this autumn. 
I've been really missing all of the energy, vibe, culture and fashion that UK offers. And maybe, hopefully, I will reunite with it all again this autumn. Fingers crossed!!
 Until then, might as well save up some money for all this Primark goodness. Also probably need to get a bigger suitcase.