Looking for that perfect bronze eyeshadow that stays in place longer than an hour and also looks pretty fabulous?
If the answer to all of the questions were a yes, then you have to try the Maybelline 24hr color tattoo eyeshadows!!
I remember I had an ice blue eyeshadow in the same style couple years ago from Avon (why did I need an ice blue eyeshadow???), but the consistence just wasn't good - most of it always ended up in the crease and at the end of the day it just looked like I had put it on without a mirror. So when these came out a while ago I was quite hesitant to pick them up. But about a month ago I saw them on sale and I just decided to go for it. Since then I've been using it pretty much every day, except in the weekends, when I like to go bare face. I went for the shade "On and on Bronze", because I just love to tone my lids in brown tones and it kind of felt like a safe choice (not as crazy as ice blue that I can pull off only on Halloween). 
I usually apply it with my ring finger. I find it so much more quicker, less messier and also it's easier to blend it in and over the crease. Also it's easy to build up the intensity of the color. I usually put it on light in the mornings and then fix it up, by adding some more of it, in the evening, if I'm going out.
I'm definitely going to get a couple more in different shades. 
Have you tried them? What are your thoughts?