Sometimes you have to wear black just to attract the sun and be warm.
 Primark checked shirt, H&M top, jeans, New Yorker faux leather vest, Zara heels, 
Reserved bag, River Island watch, BikBok sunglasses
Lately it's been kind of hard to adjust with our weathers mood swings. One day it's hot and you try to wear as minimal as possible, the next you consider to wear a pair of boots and a leather jacket. Like this morning. Though I went for just the jacket, because I thought that wearing boots would be just a liiiittle bit too much. And it's June! Leather jackets and boots should be dusting away in the farthest corners of the closet.
That day though I got the happy medium, which means, wearing black (yess!!) in order to attract the sun. It worked.
Photos by Aiva Alksne