One of the biggest and grand fashion events of the year.
Here are my this years favorites:

As another Met Gala is already behind us and we've gone through all of the coverage, seen all of the photos (well, I have, but it's ok if you didn't - just click on the source links to see it all yourself, 
if you want, of course) it's time to pick favorites. Those who follow these type of fancy event
reports probably already saw all of these looks yesterday. As I try to keep this place as positive as possible I'm going to focus only on my personal best-dressed list and not include the worst-dressed list. Though I'd like to add that surprisingly there were not that many bad looks as usually. There were a ton of "ok's", but they just didn't make my list because well, they just didn't make find the look from different angles on all of the online blogs and pages, so why bother to include them here?  
I haven't picked my Nr. 1 or even Nr.2, because I can't make up my mind, so I'll stick with an answer, that it differs accordingly to my mood. So here goes my rambling ...  
I think Alexanders Wangs "Balenciaga" piece that Kristen Wiig wore was freakin cool. I love, love, love this look. And it just looks so fuss free and comfortable, jet she looks so chic in it. Also, it's refreshing to see women in trousers to these type of events. I love that it's black (of course) and the structure of the top is simple and elegant. I think it's a talent to make simple things and make them not look boring. And he did it perfectly. But that's what he's famous for, right? Also Stella's black and white chic comfort look get's a big thumbs up. Make's me even more fall in love with the whole dress/long top over trousers look, that seems to be coming back. Then there is Suki Waterhouse in Burberry. There has to be someone in a breath-away gown and she was that for me. Beautiful, feminine and frilly. I think there is nothing more to add, the dress speaks for itself. Then there was Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa and Arizona Muse in Zac Posen. Both fairytale. Both extravagant - Marchesa's with the print and structure and Zac's with simplicity and volume. Absolutely loved Victoria's look in her own Victoria Beckham piece. But I love everything that she wears and makes, so it didn't really surprise me. I had a feeling she'd go for a simple jet perfectly tailored look and she didn't disappoint. Also they both with David looked perfectly in sync. Like a glove and a hand. Like a two piece puzzle. You get the idea ... Joan Smalls was born to wear Vera Wang. It looked like second skin. Abso-freaking-lutely loved that whole look with the braid and dark blue lips. (I wonder if that's really a lipstick or just pencil?) And Vera herself of course looked beautiful. And then there are my dear Mary Kate and Ashley. I have always admired how they seem to pull off whatever they wear. Sometimes more, sometimes a little bit less, but still, I'm always looking forward to see what they will show up in. That night Ashley chose Ferre and Mary Kate went for Chanel Couture. In this case though I do prefer Ashley's choice more. I find it interesting, how it sort of looks like a halfway buttoned up extra long cardigan with a voluminous skirt underneath it.
Ok, this just now made me want to dress up.