Chop, chop. 
As you can see, I had a little chop a couple of weeks ago.
Sometimes I think I should write little essays after my visits to the hairdresser - there always ends up a story after the new hair-do. This time was no exception. I guess it can never go smoothly for me when it has to do with my hair. So here we go ...
 I went in only knowing that I want a little bit of highlights put in. But not like platinum white ones - trauma from secondary school years. Not going back there. I also knew that I wanted something new, but I was having an inner debate about cutting it or leaving them to grow out a bit. In my mind it's like this - if you don't get rid of couple of cm's it feels like you didn't go to the hairdresser and just bought a conditioner that made your hair light with highlights. Go figure. So while the girl did the dye, I kept writing a list in my head with pros and cons of long and short hair. But when the girl asked me how much I want to chop off, I forgot about the list, my rationality left me and I said - short. That girls face was priceless when I showed her how short.  And she kept asking me if I was 100% sure about it. To my defense I showed her a little bit over the shoulder. That's not that short, right? The thing is, when the black cape is around you, that protects your clothes, you don't really see how short the hair will really look. But then once she was done and took it off I couldn't stop staring at the mirror. Oh okay. Maybe not that short was the first thought on my mind. But there was no point of saying anything - what's done is done. I plastered a fake smile, said thank you and got out of there. 
And even though I didn't know what the hell I'm going to do with such short hair I still did my "just out of hairdresser walk". I know you know what I'm talking about - the one where you walk and feel like everyone sees that you got a new cut and you keep stealing glances at the shop windows not looking at whats displayed there, but how you look. Once I got home though I went straight to google to figure out how to deal with them while they are so short.  
If you asked me two weeks ago if I would ever cut them this short again, I would say hell no. Now? I'm not so sure. There is something very liberating having them so short.