LUSH. This is something that I have wanted to try for a while. Ever since I heard Zoe, then Jasmin and then my sister go on and on about how amazing their products are. I had heard that they had two stores in Riga, but for some reason I never put them on my to-go list, until I went to Alfa and was walking by it. Once I got inside I couldn't stop myself from smelling every single bath bomb, soap, scrub etc. They all smell so deliciously! And I also got lucky with the sales lady because she told me everything that I needed to know, advised some of the  products and also showed me how some of them work. After a half an hour or even fourty minutes in the shop, I got out with these three bad boys - the Tea tree water, mask of manaminty, that can also be used as a light scrub, and sugar scrub for the boooodei. 
I bought these almost a month ago, so I have tried them all. The Tea tree water I have been using daily and I love it. It is so refreshing and leaves my skin clean and relaxed. The mask and the scrub until now I have tried only once, but hold on, that doesn't mean they are not as good as the Tea tree water. Oh no, they are very good, unfortunately my schedule has been too busy for a long, long bath. Aaaaanyway, the sugar scrub is amazing!!!! Before this I used to use just ground coffee mixed with a little bit of honey, because I like my scrubs to be rough, but this one is even better. The  texture is amazing and you can really feel that that's a scrub. As for the face mask - mint, mint, mint. Not sure how I like it yet. I wish there were masks that were like this but easier to rinse off. I love to put them on, especially if they are filled with little pieces that, after taking it off, makes it like a scrub, but I'm not a fan of spending ten minutes of getting it all off my face.
I will most definitely go and try other things from their assortment. 
Have you tried LUSH production? If so, what do you recommend?