Oh Primark did good this season. For some reason their AW collections are always those who make me more eager to rob a bank. And I mean, look at these pictures from the campaigns. Spotted them on instyle.co.uk and just wanted to share, because the clothes look amazing and I wish I could get my hands on every single piece here. Especially the jewellery - look at that head piece!!! And those earrings! Not to mention the jackets and that skirt and the shoes. Oh what the .. I can't choose.  
I still can remember the first time I went in there. It was a sunny spring day and one of my first days in Brighton. I had never been in a store like this, nor had I ever heard of it. But once I crossed the entryway and took it all in, oh well I was doomed and in love.  
You can find so many amazing things for a price that would cost you twice, if not even more, in other stores. And if you dig long enough and don't mind the amount of people around and those hundreds of racks then you can find some pieces that will last you for couple of years, of course if you'll be gentle with them.