/Diorshow Iconic mascara/
Hello! Meet my new mascara. It's pretty and all, but not the one that I wanted. Boy, luck is on my side. But it's Dior, even if it's not the one I was aiming for... 
Long story short - I wanted to get my hands on the Diorshow Extase, so when I was going through the duty free shops while on my way to my flight to London, saw it with a decent price tag, I decided it was time to get it. BUT there story doesn't end there. I didn't just grab the box and go. I opened the tester and there wasn't a black mascara. It was more like dark grey. And I didn't want a dark grey mascara, so I started to look at different ones. Went back and forth from Lancôme to Dior stand. Then a young sales lady came and asked if I needed help. Usually I politely decline, but this time I was like "Oh why not" (Not making that mistake any more in the future). So we started talking. I ended up going for the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl. The girl gave the box, I went to pay, run to my flight, got to London, happily next morning got my new mascara to try it on and ... then I opened it ... sad, sad face here. That was not the one I wanted.  
I really don't like rubber brushes. But I'm really hoping that after all we'll grow a steady and strong relationship.
The end.