Reserved blazer, Alksne (by me) skirt, Primark dress, clutch, necklace, 
Zara heels, H&M bracelet, rings, New Look bracelet
Lately I've started evaluating where I spend my money (About time, huh?). Obviously the biggest numbers are spent buying clothes and fabric (shocker!!! ok, calm down, sarcasm). But after a recent closet cleaning (that I have way too often) I realised that I have way too many things bought just because of the price tag, sales or just something went missing in my brain while buying a particular garment, and now these pieces are just neatly hanged or folded in my closet.  
So I've been slowly making a list of things that are wardrobe staples. Like a good, long blazer, like this gorgeous nude and most importantly cozy piece. Or a good old statement necklace or clutch. These two that I'm wearing here from Primark luckily (I hope so) won't be hitting any time soon, as many other things that I have bought there because of the price tag. That way it's more easier in the shops not to get lost and not end up buying t-shirts, tops or other pieces that don't even look flattering. 
Also I've started to pay a closer attention to quality and usage. Now no one really wants to go shopping with me, because I can stand a half an hour looking at a skirt or a blouse and evaluate it "How many outfits can I make out of this?", "Is it worth the money?", "Won't it fall off after the first wash?", "Does it even look good on me?" and so on. 

Quality over quantity. 

Let's hope I can keep myself in line and stick to this when summer sales hit.

Photos by Aiva Alksne