I've been testing this system for about 6 weeks now and I think I've had enough time to test it and see if the product really exceeds the expectations and guarantees what they have promised. 
So I'm working with a very oily skin over here, so I guess I could say that six weeks ago was my breaking point when I was done with the drugstore stuff that I had been using so far (experimenting and so on), so I went to Douglas, where they have the good stuff. 
I had heard about Clinique before, but I was not sure if I wanted to invest in it (that line is not cheap, but you probably already know that). But after chatting with the saleslady this was the product that she suggested the most. She also mentioned that a lot of women come and buy it again after their first try. So I was like - ok, if it works for them it has to work for me, right? My face aint that all special. It's just a typical Baltic face. Also, I had wanted to try it before, and I knew that nothing new from the drugstores would work, well maybe I was just tired to go through every single product in the store. Plus, Clinique has these mini sets for four skin types. You have to invest a bit, but you don't go overboard spending all your salary on three products. So I went for the test drive... 
So the first two weeks were fun, because I felt like some little invisible elf's were splashing oil on my face every other hour. And then of course couple of break outs came to say hello and so on. Basically there was a party on my face 24/7. And all I wanted was for them all to go home. 
My patience was getting thinner so I just went to investigate. No FBI this time, just google. Where of course I found out  that it's totally ok for all the mess, because apparently your skin is adjusting and the product is starting to clean the lover skin, getting all the mad stuff out.  
So I waited. Patiently. With powder in one hand and absorbing face sheets in the other. After two or three weeks the skin did get a lot cleaner and smoother. But still I looked like a walking oil bottle and still tend to have break out even though my diet has been so good, that any dietician would pat on my shoulder. 
Now comes the investigation nr. 2 called "Why it is not working when it should?" As much as I've found out about my skin type, the problem seems to be in the ingredients that are in these products (oil-free, salicylic acid etc.). Because they get rid of all the excess oils my glands start going crazy and double it up, making me look like a pan before being put in the oven for a Sunday roast.
Will I buy the product again? Probably not.
Would I recommend? As I'm not jumping up and down myself - no.