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With the spring approaching, I'm hoping faster than slower, I've kind of been subconsciously looking for a new light shade bag. I do love my black one, no offence gorgeous, but I feel like I need something new, something to brighten up my days. And well, I saw this 31 hour bag by 3.1 Phillip Lim and I just melted. Literary. No, I mean it. There's a puddle now writing this. 
I love that it's white and it has the reptile faux skin going on once you have a closer look, I mean if you'd be on the street passing it by and looking closer at it, because obviously  the picture above is pretty in your face with the texture, and that sort of flap type of thing. It remind me sort of the Chloés 'Annette' clutch, but only with the zipper and straps.  
Going to take this one for inspiration. Who knows, maybe I'll find something in a similar aesthetic in town.