Before I show you what was in that bag, I wanted to share one of my latest creations (actually finished this half sheer top just yesterday). The design was put together by accident. You see, I made a top/jumper out of the grey fluffy fabric and I had a little piece left over (the one that is on this sheer dark blue top now). And after a while playing with it by the mirror and imagining, thinking about what could I do with it, I started adding different fabrics to it. Once I put this dark blue sheer fabric underneath the grey one, a light bulb in my head turned on - voila! This was the combination I wanted to use. One thing led to another and the design was born. All I had to do now, was to put it together.  
Sometimes I wish I had someone making my ideas come to life. Just be the idea generator. But I guess it takes time and loads of money to get there. Until then, I just have to work with my patience and sewing skills. Already eying an overlock, to be able to make a higher quality pieces.