Last night the wait was finally over. The organizer 2013 of Whimsical Agnesiga was finally here! And to celebrate this and have a peek myself, I decided to attend her organized signing at BANG BANG shop. 
Due to bad traffic, unfortunately had to miss the opening speech, so when I got there the event was going on full speed with loads of people either just hanging out, comparing organizers covers and content, or taking a part of the long row that was waiting for that little moment and autograph from Agnese.  
And even though I was anxious to see the new organizer, I was even more anxious (just winsy, winsy bit more) to see what would she be wearing for her event. And you know what? Like always, she did not disappoint (she was wearing this pink/green sequin dress and had her face customized with colourful crystal rocks). 
And the organizer itself? Well the only word that pops right up in my head is "bold". Very bold, energetic, whimsical and loud. What else did you expect?