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Imagine a combination of Taylor Tomasi Hill and Céline together. Yes, I'm talking about the, now famous, Céline "Solo Smooth Lambskin Clutch Pouch Blue" (it's been quite of a nightmare to find out the name of the clutch, because there are million versions out there on the internet). That's actually how I found out about the brand and the fashion icon - both at once. How did they ever slip by my horizon? Never mind… 
I've been literary dreaming about that blue beauty for couple of months, but as I don't have thousands of lats (the currency in my country) in my bank account, I had to find a different solution to feed my appetite. And then one day while paying a visit at my favourite fabric store I passed by a self with a blue faux leather roll on it. 2 seconds passed when I realized what it reminded me of. I almost jumped from the excitement. I bet that sales ladie thought I was nuts, because of my stupid grin on my face. Took me all together 10 minutes to get the amount of leather I needed and be out of the door, basically running to my sewing machine. 
And well, the end result? See for yourself! As for me - loooove it. Made it size one or two bigger than the one that Taylor owns, because I have so much stuff to carry along, that her's would do only as a wallet.